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A helicopter with an attitude!!!

    This may look like a normal helicopter to you, however take a look at the wings.  There are two jet engines mounted on either side of the helicopter (not really but as dramatic effect, they are believed to be there on the television show).  Meaning that this chopper can reach a speed of up to Mach 1.5.  Another secret about the wings is the fact that they hide machine guns which extract and retract on the very ends of the wings.  Along with the machine guns, there is a three bay cannon launcher, located on the underside of Airwolf, which is also capable of extracting and retracting.  Take a look at the above and below photos to locate the normal and combat modes.

aw143.jpg (39093 bytes)

    Airwolf is also equipped with computer systems, video and audio surveillance equipment, whisper mode, radar's, sonar's, flares, chaffs, a laser, an armored body, stealth mode, and many more gadgets.  Too many to list.

    A brief story about the television show Airwolf.  Airwolf was created by an organization called the "Firm."  They were a company that had insight on the government and their operations.  Airwolf was to be the first of several tactical weapons to be sold to the US government for their use.  However the creator took Airwolf as his own and ran to Lybia.
    Naturally, the "Firm" needed to get this helicopter back from the bad guys so they hired an ex-test pilot for Airwolf.  Stringfellow Hawke was to go in and get Airwolf but being a loner and very secrative, he asked a good friend of his, Dominic Santini, to help him get Airwolf.  The price for returning Airwolf was suppose to be $1 million, however String wanted his brother returned from the POW/MIA list, dead or alive.  That was the price to get their shiney chopper back.  Naturally, the heroes succeeded in retreaving Airwolf and brought it back to the US.
    In the course of this retreaval, Stringfellow Hawke (aka String) had a brother named St. John Hawke, pronounced Sin Gin, that the Firm kept promising to find but never delivered any results.  Stringfellow's deal with Archangel, a chief that worked at the Firm, was that Stringfellow would hide Airwolf and use the helicopter when the Firm needed the support of Airwolf but would not return Airwolf back to the Firm until St. John was found and returned to String.  String was blackmailing the Firm since the Firm was blackmailing him, in a sense.
   In season four, the USA Networks' produced season, the Firm had a crew change.  Archangel was replaced by Jason Lock.  His second-hand man was Major Mike Rivers of the US Air Force.  They were assigned to find Airwolf and return it to the Firm.  At the same time, an accident happened to Stringfellow Hawke and Dominic Santini.
    As Dom was firing up a helicopter, to make a supply run, the helicopter exploded, Dominic died instantly.  String was in the process of running to catch Dom before he left and String happened to get injured from the explosion.  String was administered to the local Veterans hospital for treatment due to being knocked into a coma.
    Dominic had a niece, Jo Santini, who immediately took over her uncle's business of airplane/helicopter sales and rentals.  Jo was visiting String when String came-to.  He asked Jo to take Airwolf and find St. John, his brother.  Jo was unaware of Airwolf, however found Airwolf and took it for a joy ride.  As she was taking her joy ride, Mr. Lock and Major Rivers were on their way to Airwolf's hideaway, nicknamed the Lair, and heard Airwolf flying all around.
    They got to the lair as Airwolf was landing and Jo got out of Airwolf.  They all discussed and believed that St. John was still alive and wanted to find him and return him home.  Jo was sent coordinates from an anonymous source and they went to look for St. John.
    St. John was being held at a POW camp.  Airwolf flew in, shot the place up, and rescued St. John.  After rescuing St. John, the fourth season started by all 4 of the new Airwolf team deciding to keep Airwolf as a secret and never tell the Firm that they have it.
    St. John came to visit String in the hospital but after they hug and cry, the episode skips to St. John coming back in Airwolf from an assumed joy ride.  The true account of String dying or being alive is not known.

    In the old Airwolf series, a replacement Airwolf was built to be the successor of the original Airwolf.  This new Airwolf was Airwolf II, aka Redwolf.


    Redwolf was stolen by a criminal and Airwolf came in to save the day.  Airwolf destroyed Redwolf and the Firm moved on.
    In the 4th-USA Networks-season, they had a third Airwolf, aka the Scorpian, that had been created by the Firm.  However, it had gone down and the government never found the helicopter.  Another criminal found the helicopter, rebuilt it, and used it to scare off people in a small Native American town.
    The original Airwolf came in to save the day and destroyed the Scorpian.

    I personally loved this show and thought that the old series was much better and better produced.  After doing a little research, I found out that it was.  USA Networks rarely actually flew the Bell 222 Airwolf.  They only flew it when there was not a clip in the archives to use for their particular episode.  The Scorpian footage, in the 4th season, was replayed clips from the original Redwolf and Airwolf battle.
   The Airwolf episodes can be purchased through www.columbiahouse.com or you may be able to purchase some episodes off of www.ebay.com or Yahoo! Auctions.

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