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We are proud to pioneer in bringing renowned Filipino Artists to Idaho and feature several local talents as well.  We would like you to join KLB to reawaken the American-Filipinos moral fiber in every presentation that we celebrate.  We also provide opportunity for those aspiring to enter the entertainment venue.  Although we are not engaged with talent recruitment, our performers are given a great venue to showcase their talents by participating with the concerts and shows produced and organized by KLB.  If you have an interest, allow us to hone your skills and appear in our future events.


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P.I. (Pinoy in Idaho) 

by Floyd Bea 

Idaho is an incomparable place to call home for any Filipino.  Being Filipino in Idaho still has advantages.  With its central location in the Intermountain West, Boise blends wide-open spaces with cosmopolitan pizzazz.  A revitalized downtown has turned Boise into a center for entertainment, hospitality, commerce, and government.  Unlike other states, where everybody seems to be Filipino, from cashiers of big department stores to medical professionals in clinics and hospitals, Pinoys in Idaho are still a rarity.  Filipinos in other States no longer ask questions such as "Pilipino ka?" (Are you Filipino?) or "Kumusta" instead of "How are you?"  P.I. (Pinoys in Idaho) still pine for the chance to talk to somebody who either can speak the language (or any of the many dialects) or who has been in the Philippines.  We still get excited , feeling like finding old friends in strangers who look just like us.

    Friendlier P.I. are still here in Idaho.  After attending one party, expect another invitation and another after that.  We still look to have some Pinoy delicacies and cuisine including Pandesal, Siopao, Laing, Bagoong, Dinuguan -- which are very ordinary to other Filipino- populated states.  In every party my family attended, there were always new faces to be acquainted with.  And depending on who hosts the get-together, the number of new faces also varies.  At times, the host him/herself is a new friend.

    As with the other States, Filipino population is increasing rapidly in Idaho.  Because of this upsurge, two Filipino-American organizations were established.  Both groups aim to help needing members and are active ambassadors of the Filipino culture in the community.

    It’s easy for a Pinoy to make Idaho a dream state.  Through four breathtakingly distinct seasons, Idaho will beguile the outdoor adventurer inside you.  You and your family can enjoy snow-skiing, white-water rafting, kayaking, mountain hiking, desert exploring, camping, fishing, hunting, mountain biking, golf, and much more… it’s practically in your backyard!

    But not all of our actions are confined to the great outdoors.  There’s great indoors, too.  Our cities provide some of the finest performing arts centers in the Northwest, a summer Shakespeare Festival, professional sporting events, quality schools, excellent hospitals, universities and colleges, low crime rates, short commutes, and an affordable cost of living.

    Concerned about safety?  Thinking about where to raise your kids while giving them a sense of security and your own peace of mind?  Still wanting to meet affable Pinoys?  Be in Idaho!'s a great place to raise your family.  It is a dream place for Filipinos looking for greener pastures.