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    Of recent, there is a new series out that is interesting but to actually enjoy and know where this crime fighting vehicle came from, you need to watch the very first pilot show.  If you have never watched the TV Show or, at least, the pilot show, I will fill you in as best as I can.

The Viper, on the original series, was a 1992 Dodge Viper R/T, a very impressive vehicle in itself.  The story goes to the beat of this...  An engineer in vehicles and computers named Julian Wilks worked for a metropolitan police force and was granted the opportunity to build his dream crime fighting car.  Impressively, it was styled using a Dodge Viper.  He, and his team of mechanics, designers, and computer experts, built the crime fighting vehicle.  This vehicle had a small secret which was it could morph (transform) into a multi-functional weapon system named the Defender.

cars_viper.jpg (8185 bytes)

    This weapon system included two arms that popped out underneath the doors (identical to the television show Airwolf) to reveal the static pulse generator (this was used to paralyze a vehicles electrical system), a rocket launcher (used to clear obstacles), a grappling hook (used to snare any object and pull in towards the Viper/Defender for capture.  There is also a grappling hook on the rear of the Defender and a recently added bullet/gun system which actually uses bean bags to only stun the individual for capture. The front and rear fangs, on the Defender, extract outward to be used as battering rams.  A very interesting component of the Defender is the hologram projector mounted on the roof of the Defender.  It's use is to "bluff" the evil doer that the Defender is actually going to run into the bad guys car or camoflauge the Defender with its surroundings.  The Defender is also capable of morphing into a 4x4 mode.  This option inflates the tires and expands the suspension to allow it to go off-roading.  A newly added morphing option is a hover craft mode, which is used for traveling over water.  Another feature that happens to actually only reside with the Viper/Defender is the Probe.

   This photo is not of good brightness, however the Probe is battery powered and offers a "birds eye view" of crime or anything that needs to be survailled from the air or where the vehicle cannot get too.  The Probe is also equipped with a laser to be used as a multiuse weapon/cutting tool.

    To continue with the story, Wilks could not find a suitable driver that could handle the Viper.  While the tests were going on, Michael Paiton was head of a clan that specialized in transporting stolen goods to the highest bidders.  Paiton and his crew, of 4 other drivers, were the best set of drivers on the street.  Always able to avoid the police and law enforcement agencies, however Michael Paiton was the best.  As he was running away from a robbery, he happened upon a wrong turn, a police barricade.  He did a 180 and sped away.  However, Michael Paiton was distracted in his pride of being able to avoid the police, as he looked forward, a city bus happened to be turning in front of him.  Attempting to turn to avoid hitting it, he bounced on a curb and hit the bus.  His vehicle and he were projected into a cement wall.  The police took Michael Paiton, put a microchip in his brain to induce amnesia and gave him a whole new life.  The life of a great cop named Joe Astor, being transferred from another unit and was to be assigned to the Viper project with Julian Wilks.

    After recuperating from his accident, he went into the garage and performed the test drive with flawless driving.  He was the driver that everyone was looking for.

    Later in the story, Joe found out about the lie and what the cops had done.  As he found out, the Viper project was being scrapped from the police department because of a bribe.  Joe stole the Viper and began his new adventure of being the Batman of the future, without the suit.  His hide out was an old hydro-power station on the outskirts of the city.  Julian, Joe, and Frankie (Frankie Waters, a big car enthusiast that had been spying on the Viper project since the beginning.  He was the head of the police vehicle compound.  Frankie was the "inside" person on info), began the chore of crime fighting.

    A new series came out and I do not have much information on the new episodes due to the fact that the shows air very late at night and are not as publicly advertised.  I am working to find the website/s for you to find out more information about the TV show Viper.

If you have any questions or comments, please email me at InfamousWB@bloom-enterprises.com